Patrick L. Gomez for Los Angeles County Sheriff.

I  am  running  for  Sheriff  because  I  want  to  make  Los  Angeles  County  the  safest  place  to  live,  the  safest  place  to  raise  your  family  and  the  safest  place  to  work.

I  care  deeply  about  the  future  direction  of  the  Sheriff’s  Department.  I  will  focus  on  putting  an  end  to  the  corruption  and  bring  back  pride  and  integrity  to  the  Department. 

I  will  keep  our  streets,  our  neighborhoods  and  our  jails  safe,  and  I  will  ensure  everyone,  residents  and  jail  inmates,  are  treated  humanely,  with  dignity  and  respect. 

I  have  dedicated  my  adult  life  to  serving  the  residents  of  Los  Angeles  County.  I  retired  in  December  2012,  as  a  Lieutenant  with  the  Los  Angeles  County  Sheriff’s  Department,  after  a  distinguished  career  of   over  31  years. 

I  was  born  and  raised  in  the  San  Gabriel  Valley  and  now  live  in  La  Canada Flintridge  with  my  wife.  I  have  four  grown  children. 

Thank  you  for  visiting  my  site,




P.O.  Box  768,  Montrose,  CA  91021-0768  -  (818)  319-8320

FPPC  # 1358483

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About Patrick Gomez for Sheriff... a dedicated family person... My vote for him
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what are the odds of being a bit more lenient when it comes to obtaining a ccw permit?
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Vote for Patrick Gomez for Sheriff of Los Angeles County (LASO). He will stop corruption in the Sheriff's Dept.!
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Go get em Pat!!!
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Vote for Patrick L. Gomez for Los Angeles County Sheriff on June 3rd, 2014.
Making Los Angeles County a safer place to live, work and raise your family.